The Factory

Woodlam products are primarily manufactured from moulded plywood components, produced in-house.

The manufacture of moulded plywood involve the use of layers of thin wood veneers glued together, while formed to shape in moulds under hydraulic pressure and cured using radio- frequency and other heating methods. The process of moulding-in curves and bends eliminates many joints needed in conventional furniture assembly. In doing so, the strength of the finished product is substantially increased. After curing, the components are cut and drilled using the most modern machinery including a C.N.C (Computer Numeric Controlled) machining centre to ensure maximum possible accuracy.

Most joints are secured three-way : dowelled, glued and mechanically fixed with machine screws into threaded metal cross dowels. In cases where screw fixings into wood are considered inadequate for show-wood seats or shells, use is made of rivets. A durable finish is achieved by the use of a tough reaction-type lacquer, coupled with multiple sanding stages, on all show-wood parts. All steel frames, after a seven stage cleaning and

preparation process, are finished with baked epoxy powder coating. Chrome plating is optional on certain ranges subject to minimum quantities.

A wide selection of wood finishes are available, ranging form ‘blond’ to exotic timbers to a variety of stained finishes. Choice of upholstery fabrics is virtually unlimited and customers are welcome to supply fabric on a C.M.T basis.

While aesthetics and innovative design are cornerstones of the Woodlam product range, strength and durability are considered to be of paramount importance. The abundance of light- duty imported seating (primarily suited to household use only) lacks the durability which is built into Woodlam products and is essential for the rigours of contract and office applications.